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Car Care

Protect your car's condition and value.

Protecting your vehicle from the elements helps to maintain its condition and value, and saves you time and money in ongoing maintenance costs. At Keema we offer our customers the latest in protection technology, quality car care products and the best warranties available on the market to maintain your vehicle's condition and value.

Protect your vehicle's exterior from elements such as colour fading, bird and bat droppings, tree sap, industrial fall-out, water marks and oxidisation; and the interior from general wear, spills, soiling, food and drink stains, cracking upholstery and pet stains. Rust proofing is also available.

We offer our customers a range of protection to suit all budgets and needs, from single treatments such as paint and fabric to 'The Fusion Package' which offers a complete protection for your entire vehicle inside and out.

All our treatments come with an extensive warranty providing outstanding coverage and protection for you car.

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